Jennifer Van Homer

Leadership Coaching and Consulting

I believe we are all leaders, all leading something by nature, and that may take shape in our lives, families, or organizations.

How often have you noticed that those in leadership positions can say all the right things, but still not present themselves in a way that garners trust, motivates action and inspires a shared vision?

What is it that differentiates leaders? Often, what stands out most powerfully in the effective leader is that which the leader extends without words, or embodies in their own physical presence.

Until we integrate our leadership ideals into our whole selves, we will fall short of what we are capable of creating. Most coaching and developmental programs engage in an intellectual process to attempt to achieve leadership mastery, often with good and sound information, but seldom with sustainable results. Few tools and programs address the total being of the leader.

Our whole being includes and integrates our mental, physical and emotional selves. When we integrate our leadership ideals into our whole selves, by embodying what we believe and envision, and aligning what we say and what we do, then we show up differently and people feel the difference.


Qualities of Embodied Leadership

  • comfort in one's own skin
  • ability to stay calm and maintain direction during stress, chaos, and transition
  • manage your mood, energy, emotions & expression
  • focused attention
  • engage and initiate difficult conversations with dignity and ease
  • inspire trust
  • generate moods of success
  • take action and coordinate with others in a way that inspires collaboration and contribution
  • openness to possibility and learning
  • move with integrity, authenticity and tact


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